Changes to Director Penalty Notices

Since April 2019 there has been an important change to the Director Penalty Notice (DPN) regime in relation to a Director’s personal liability for an unpaid Superannuation Guarantee (SG) debt. 

A Director will now be personally liable if a company’s SG liabilities are not remitted within 28 days of the end of each quarter.  Previously a Director had 3 months to report their superannuation and settle the debt without the risk that the ATO would issue a lockdown DPN. 

A Director who fails to lodge SG returns within the 28 day time period will cause the ATO to issue a lockdown DPN, which makes the Director automatically liable for those specific debts and prevents them from escaping liability via a liquidation/administration. 

Directors should note that these changes do not alter the 3 month period allowed for the settlement of a company’s PAYG debt.

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