Tax Litigation Experts

Australian businesses are facing an increasingly aggressive approach to the recovery of tax debts by the ATO.

Cove Legal specialises in assisting clients in either negotiating outcomes with the tax office or, where necessary, representing them in litigation or other debt enforcement action brought by the ATO. It is what we do best.

If you or your clients are experiencing difficulties in addressing outstanding tax liabilities with the ATO, or if court proceedings or other debt recovery action is being threatened, call us to arrange a meeting to find out how we can help.

Expertise and Experience

Cove Legal Principal Roger Blow has over 17 years of experience in assisting clients with commercial disputes and acted for many years on behalf of the ATO running numerous tax debt related winding ups, bankruptcy proceedings and DPN actions. Roger now specialises in assisting companies and individuals to resolve disputes with the tax office.

Cove Legal is recognised as a specialist tax litigation firm through its successful negotiation of client payment proposals, the resolution of ATO insolvency proceedings and the conduct of high profile tax related disputes.

The payment of tax is inevitable.  Our mission is to provide clients with the right legal and strategic assistance to ensure that they only pay the correct amount and, when needed, are given sufficient time to address their tax liabilities. 

Specialist Tax Litigation Advice

We have helped clients to:

·         Address incorrectly assessed tax debts and file objections

·         Respond to ATO Freezing Orders and Garnishee Notices

·         Agree payment plans to avoid further ATO debt enforcement

·         Settle ATO insolvency (winder/bankruptcy) court actions

·         Adjourn court debt proceedings to allow time to raise finance

·         Advise Directors on their tax debt related duties and Director Penalty Notices

·         Pursue Judicial Review proceedings concerning ATO decisions

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